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New Patient Information

Schafer Physical Therapy, PC greatly appreciates your interest in choosing our facility and therapist for your physical therapy needs.  We are sure that you will join the many patients who "rave" about our personalized care, efficient treatments, and positive outcomes.  Please see the steps below for becoming one of our valued clients and call (412) 257-0314 to promptly schedule your initial examination.

1. Prescriptions


  • Physical therapy can be initiated by a prescription obtained from a physician (Medical Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathics, Podiatrist, Dentist, or Nurse Practitioner).


  • As a Direct Access Practitioner in Physical Therapy, Mr. Schafer can accept individuals by "self referral" for a physical therapy examination, evaluation and up to 30 days of care; however health insurance coverage for "self-referral" varies by carrier and policy.  Most plans do cover this service, but your benefits should be verified before your first visit.  (Medicare subscribers are not eligible for participation in the Direct Access Program.)


2. Referrals
  • Some health insurances (i.e., some AETNA policies) continue to require individuals seeking physical therapy care to obtain a pre-certification or pre-authorization prior to initiation of treatment.  The referral process is usually the responsibility of your physician, but, in some cases, must be arranged by the patient.


  • It is ultimately the patient's responsibility to understand their health insurance policy and its requirements/limitations, and arrange for these authorizations a minimum of 24 hours before their initial physical therapy visit.  In many cases, the insurance plan will not issue retroactive pre-certifications.


  • For Workers' Comp and automobile/ personal injury claim patients, a claim or case number, issued by your case manager or adjuster, is required before initiating your physical therapy care. Please bring your adjusters name, phone number and case/claim number for your initial visit.

3. Appointments


  • Schafer Physical Therapy, PC is open Monday through Friday with convenient hours amenable to just about anyone's schedule.  Appointments are a phone call away by calling (412) 257-0314.


  • At Schafer Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves in the time we take with each individual patient to assist them in achieving their rehab goals.  However, we understand that emergencies and illnesses occur.  Please allow us the courtesy of 12 to 24 hours notice of your need to cancel an appointment.


4. Privacy/ Communication


  • Schafer Physical Therapy, PC is bound by Federal Regulations via the Health Information Portability and Privacy Act (HIPPA) to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of our patients' records.  Written and occasionally verbal communication of our patients' status is maintained with their referring physician as required by law.  Occasionally, information is shared, within Federal guidelines, with the patient's insurance company to facilitate payment of their claims.  No other communication regarding the patient is provided to other persons, family members, or health providers without the expressed written consent of the patient (or their designated parent/ guardian).


  • We offer private treatment rooms for our initial physical therapy consultations and for most manual therapy treatments.



If you have questions, please call us at (412) 257-0314.